PBR Textures – Sketchfab and Unity 5

With SketchFab and Unity 5 now using PBR – Physically Based Shaders, I am going to be move into working with PBR Texture methods and writing about my experiences. Its a great new technology that removes faking effects to allowing the Real world Physics to alter texture and lighting.

See more Here: https://sketchfab.com/pbr
Details from Unity: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/10/29/physically-based-shading-in-unity-5-a-primer/


Flood Editor – WebGl


I love this kind of tech, 3D meets visual programming + Web / Infinite Cloud.
The ability to drag in nodes, plug in some values and an object appears on the screen.
Plus its all on the Web no software, anyone can view it anywhere, eventually with real-time viewing/collaboration, and its saved on the cloud.
To top it all off, its just a simple set of instructions, that is rebuilt rather than stored as an object. Your shapes can be broken off and shared in pieces.


zBrush Summit 2014

Some great companies and artist sharing their techniques with zBrush and their pipelines.

– some last updates for 4r7 for the last of ver4.
– Danny Williams Session (some great techniques, especially around layers) [http://pointpusher.blogspot.co.at/]
– Josh Herman Session (2Tone double body push/pull) 11:55 (gets a shape deflate, push and pull out what you want “simply brilliant” )
– Disney Frozen Session (never really thought about how the life of a character, its got to last for 10+ years, so any mistakes last forever) tons of details reviewed over and over again. Iterate, Iterate, and Iterate.

True2Form / iLoveSketch – Siggraph – Mind Blown

This is a paper on Sketching in 3d space via 2d drawing surface, and using rules and algorithms to generate the final 3d shape into real world space.

 Some sketch examples on the site.

Also back in 2009 I Love Sketch was also a digital paper of a similar nature, the software has never been publicly releases.

3:34 – Example sketch 1.5x
These would be amazing to get my hands on but I don’t see that happening.

Unity 5.0 – WebGL

I wanted to bring special attention to this session, as its all about the WebGl deployment for WebGl coming up in version 5. With the launch now of IOS8 and its WebGl ready via Safari / Web apps creating small but fun 3D apps to the mobile browser and desktop browser, I think we will really start to see 3D everywhere.